Play Ultimate Flash Sonic

This is another of the many successes of the Sega games. Being a magnificent remake of the sonic the genesis game, sonic the hedgehog, you will find this game completely mesmerizing and will always want to play it for long periods of time.

Use the arrow keys to move left and right, space bar to jump, hold down and press space for the amazing spin dash movement for sonic.

For this game you can choose a variety of characters such as Sonic, Tails, Knuckles, Shadow or Cream as your starting player. You complete your present level by reaching towards the end point. In order to survive, avoid all the enemies that come in your way as well as the weapons which they throw. Similar to the original game, you have to collect the gold rings as you move past any stage. Touching any badnik will make you lose your rings. If you touch any badnik while without no ring, you will die. Once all the lives are gone, the game ends. Hence the main aim is to keep some amount of rings with you all the time and the game goes on.

The game consists of two playing modes, the main game and a time trial mode. The time trial mode can be played very well with all the five characters available. It will make you complete the act in a given time or even less to create a record. Now it is up to your friends to break your time record and create a new one.

You can also unlock other characters during the game play with whom you can also play. This game also features a password saving option which allows you to play the next time from exactly where you left. This way you don't need to complete all the game in one go nor have to play it again and again from the beginning. This also contains cheats which will allow you to unlock all the players as well as levels even before starting the game. This is for those people who find it a little difficult to get past through the various stages. You can also block the cheat mode and you will not be able to enter any cheats throughout the game. Hints are also available online which will be like a walkthrough for the newbie's.

A sequel is also being made and is in process. It may contain even more additional characters such as Rouge and silver and more stages. It will be even better than the present flash game and will attract much more audience to play.

Due to its higher graphics than the other flash games, the size of this game is almost five times the normal sonic flash game. It may take a while to load or download this game from the internet. But it is worth downloading as you will never get bored playing the awesome flash sonic game.

Move: Left/Right
Jump: Space
Spindash: Hold Down, Press Space, Then Release Down
Pause: Enter