Play Sonic The Hedgehog

Sonic The Hedgehog flash game is one of the most mesmerizing games ever made on flash. A copy of its parallel game on console, it contains all the adventure what a flash game can get. The beginning of the game is almost same to the original sonic the hedgehog game. It is so addicting that once you begin to play it you will not be able to move from your place for hours.

It consists of controls which include various keys to run left or right, as well as for speed dash and running swiftly. For the newbies, all you have to do is to run swiftly, collect as many rings as you can and most important of all, avoid enemies and other obstacles. In order to kill your enemies, jump on them while moving like a fireball. But this will not affect the bigger ones. So use your other skills wisely.

The flash version of sonic the hedgehog game which is also available online also features a function for saving the game. This is known as the password save function and will allow you to return to the spot in the game in the same level where you were playing previously. To use this option, go to the get password menu option when you do not want to play anymore and make a written note of the required password. When you want to play again, enter the password in the website and start the game by using the same character which you used earlier. You can even start the game from any previous levels if you want.

You can choose any of the four players available, Sonic the hedgehog, Tails, Knuckles and Cream. Along with these, there are two new characters that you can unlock via the password save function. These are Shadow and Amy Rose. While playing, a variety of cheats are available which you can use for fun. To use these, go to the cheats menu after playing a level or session to see if any of the cheats have been unlocked. See the difference playing the same level which you played just now using them. The use of the passwords also allows you to access the cheats available.

Along with the main game, there is another mode which you can play. It is known as the time trial mode. Check your timings how fast you can complete a round or the game. Use different characters available and check for their efficiency.

Sonic the hedgehog flash game is played online by many of the game lovers. Due to its small size and availability, this game is one of the most famous flash games available. Run through the levels, roll up or fly, and meet the main boss, Dr. Robotnic in the later stages. Compete with him and try to win without dying. This is a game to spend your time as you will never get bored.

Move: Left/Right
Jump: Space