Play Sonic Smash Brothers

Sonic smash brothers beta version is action packed game in the sonic series. This is similar to super smash brothers game except for one fact that this game features only the creatures from sonic series which are playable. This is one of the most magnificent online games which you can play on the internet for free. Get ready for the ultimate battle between sonic or his friends and the badniks.

Start the game in adventure mode by choosing sonic or any of the other characters, knuckles and tails. As you complete and unveil the adventure with each of these available characters, you unlock some new characters with which you can play. These are Amy, Rouge, Shadow and Cream. Besides these superheroes you can also unlock some other characters as you go through the game.

The control to this game is quite simple. Use the left and right controls to move your character. Use up to jump and use it twice to double jump. Use down and spacebar to block and spacebar only to attack or fly. The shift is used to power up or other action.

Even though the author says that this is a beta test only version available, it is actually an alpha version as it has no major errors or bugs and it plays absolutely well. There are a total of around 15 different characters to play with, you keep on unlocking them as you move forward in the game. The new characters are Amy, cream, silver and many more.

For the people who need help with this game, there is a help or a strategy guide available online which helps you to get past the stages which were initially difficult for you.

If you are playing this game on a particular website, you can very well save your game. In order to return from where you left to unlock the characters, play on the same website and reuse the saved data. This game contains much more levels and a bigger story line as compared to the other sonic flash games. Being 8.26 mb in size, as compared to the regular 2 mb flash games available, it may take more time to load from a site. You can also download this game and play it on your computer.

There are many options available in the game for playing. You can play as single player, adventure, challenges only and can even opt for practice mode. Increase the numbers of lives that you require and also change the difficulty level according to your desire.

Some cheats are also available for the sonic smash brothers online and you can get easy access to them which will also help you get past a stage where you were stuck for a long time. If you have played this wonderful game, you must have known how mesmerizing this game can be. Share this game with your friends, compete with them and try to achieve the top scores.

Move: Left/Right
Rotate: Space