Play Sonic Sky Chase

Sonic Sky Chase is a flash game which is almost in comparison to the classic sonic the hedgehog game. With our superhero Sonic wing walking on Tails tornado plane, he comes face to face with Dr. Robotnic in the end of the game. The mission of sonic is to kill the Valkyn badniks in each level in order to gain points and survive and then finally defeat the main villain, Dr Egghead in an Ariel battle. Be cautious while flying the plane, as the controls are same as in a real airplane, the up will make you move down and the down will make you move up. This will create a similar simulation as a real plane. Move left or right according to your will with the left and right keys, dodging the badniks. Use spacebar to become a fireball and kill them. If you do not hit them, they will certainly decrease your health and by touching you a number of times will kill you. Use the jump option repeatedly on Dr Robotnic in order to defeat him, as he does not get eliminated with a single hit.

If you think that you are just not able to complete the act, there is an invincibility cheat to help you. You just need to press Up, Down, Left and Right and "A" in the same order in the title screen. This will activate the cheat. Sonic the hedgehog will turn yellow and will become invincible to all its enemies. This will create much thrill in the sonic sky chase. In order to get back to normal mode, click your browser's refresh button again and again or hit the F5 key on the keyboard.

In order to progress to a higher and a new level, you have to kill 25 badniks. When you do this for 3 levels, the fourth level will take you to an Ariel battle with Dr Robotnic. If you defeat him, the game will slide back to normal but with the evil badniks a little faster this time. This will go on until the game becomes extremely fast and challenging. Play the game more and more times, compete with others and beat them to obtain the maximum score.

One of the main things that you will see when you play the game is that the characters of sonic and tails is made too big making them more vulnerable to get hit by enemies. So play with caution and you will surely succeed. This is a game made for the kids and has become quite successful among the children of the age group of around 12. The game does not contain high graphics but they are sufficient enough for the type of game which has been made. This game is easily available online and because of its small size, it�s also easily downloadable. With the super heroes Sonic and Tails combined, who can defeat the duo with all their powers and such a magnificent plane.

Move: Up/Down/Left/Right
Jump: Space