Play Sonic Lost In Mario World

Ever played a game which is a hybrid of a classic action game as well as a perfect adventure too? Sonic lost in Mario world is a perfect combination of both. With whole lot of levels and the enemies from the blockbuster game Super Mario, this new flash version will create conditions for playing that you cannot resist. Is our superhero ready to fight the Mario crew?

One fine day sonic got lost in the magical world of super Mario. While roaming through his world, he saw a blue hole. Not knowing what to do, he jumped into the hole, which sucked him deeper and deeper. When the spinning stopped, he touched the ground. But then he saw that he was not in his own world but a different one. It was a portal to go to another dimension.

With various evil characters of the Mario series along with the bonuses, sonic now has to get past all the stages but in sonic style. He gets past the villains by throwing mushrooms on them by the z key. These mushrooms are available very less in number, so use them wisely Use spacebar to jump in order to dodge the attack and use the arrow keys to move front and back.

Sonic lost in the Mario world starts similar to the super Mario game. Sonic has to get past the worlds. Also he has to take the gold coins. When his gold coin score reaches 100, he gets an extra life. In order to kill the creatures that get past his way, he has to jump over them. This game also has a reverse countdown timer. You have to complete the stage before the time gets over or else you will die. You start in the beginning with 3 lives for you to spare. This count increases if you collect enough gold rings. But beware of the tunnels which are present throughout the stage. Even though it looks harmless, the evil creature might come out any time and might kill you. There are many more such mysteries throughout the stage which you will come to know as you proceed in the game.

Sonic lost in Mario world is available on the internet with much ease and also it is free of cost. You can play the game on various sites where it is available. Due to its small size it is easily uploaded and also downloaded where ever you desire. Play with your friends and compete with them or even with your own score. In sonic lost in Mario world, you only get to play with sonic and not the other characters. Sonic basically replaces Mario. Rest all the game is almost same to super Mario. With good enough graphics, the game will never make you lose interest especially for the people who were diehard Mario fans in the past.

Move: Left/Right
Rotate: Space
Spin: Down Arrow