Play Shadow The Hedgehog

Sonic series continues even in the flash game series. With never ending fun, these game provide you all that a flash game can offer, or even more. Shadow is a character which is artificially created in the sonic series. He resembles a lot to the superhero himself. He competes with sonic and his superfast speed with his hover skates. The new hedgehog comes with a powerful fire ball package and it is up to you to make him the supreme winner of this sonic or I should say shadow the hedgehog game.

Shadow was created by the evil Dr Robotnic for his evil plans, but shadow now suffers and is unable to sleep as he is desperate to find out whether he was created to save the mankind or to make up to Dr Robotnic's evil deeds. One day an alien army of evil aliens descended down and shocked shadow when he spoke to him and reminded him of their agreement to bring all the seven emeralds. Shadow realizes that acquiring all the seven emeralds will unlock all the secrets and mysteries of the past. So it is up to him to defeat all the villains that come in the way and obtain all seven of them.

Shadow was considered as the evil version of our super hero when it was launched. With darker skin shade and a very fearsome snarl instead of Sonic's happy grin, shadow was supposed to be only for one game, but it continued for more games due to increase in its demand.

Play as shadow and unveil all the dark mysteries. Either take the route to justice or to evilness, with all new and exciting levels of destruction and unmatched speed.

In this game there are about 20 stages which you have to beat in order to obtain all the emeralds. In each stage you will encounter dark missions as well as the hero missions, both with some precious clues which will help you move further in your journey to the final destination. Each route that you take will change your experience to the game drastically.

In your missions, your score will be calculated differently, for evil and good. In evil, your score will increase by destroying trees and other parts of nature, attacking various soldiers and weapons of the G.U.N. army. On the other hand, in the good version, your score will boost up when you take over the black arm facilities and provide with quick relief. Bonus points are awarded to you if you finish your mission well before time. Besides these ways, there is also another way called the normal way. Here you earn points the usual way by taking rings and other items.

This game is quite addictive and you can go an playing it for long hours without giving a break. Due to its small size, it is available for play on many sites online. Compete with your scores and see how good can you get.

Move: Left/Right